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Brrrilliant frosty facts

The the world’s smallest penguin is the
little blue penguin‘,
which is only about
33cms tall.

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Brrrilliant frosty facts

A Narwhal’s tusk can grow up to 5.18 meters long, earning them the nickname ‘unicorns of the sea’.

Brrrilliant frosty facts

Polar bears have black skin and although their fur appears white, it is actually transparent.

Mr Freeze

Penguin outside of an igloo


Penguin outside of an igloo

A bear fishing outside some igloos

Penguin outside of an igloo

An igloo with a north pole sign outside

Brrrilliant frosty facts

The World’s biggest snowman, nicknamed Riesi, was built in Austria in 2020 and was a gigantic 38.04 meters tall.

The lowest temperature recorded in the Arctic is a bone chilling -70˚C

Walruses can hold their breath under water for up to 30 minutes and dive as deep as 79 metres

Igloos can be more than 38˚C warmer inside than outside

The Antarctic ice sheet holds about 90% of the fresh water that is present on the planets surface

Antarctica is classed as a desert because of its limited rainfall

There is no land beneath the ice of the North Pole

Aomori City in Japan is the snowiest place on earth

When you are standing at the North Pole any direction you point is south

Antarctica is the coldest, windiest, highest, and driest continent on earth.

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